Monday, July 27, 2009

When A Deadline Isn't A Deadline

The baseball season is finally, for real this time, entering its stretch run. Traditionally, this starts around the end of July with the trade deadline usually coming on the last day of July. This year's deadline is Friday, July 31 and it is rapidly approaching. However, MLB doesn't really prohibit trades from happening after July 31, and the waiver wire has its tricky rules that allow players to be signed and move teams often in the month of August. The teams out of contention tend to be "sellers" trying to get rid of their highly paid prospects to enhance their futures. St. Louis has already made a big splash sending three of their prospects to Oakland for the slugger Matt Holliday, who's only gone 9-for-11 with 4 doubles and 3 RBI in his three games with the Cardinals. Toronto's ace Roy Halladay is apparently on the block and the talk is that the NL's best teams are looking to add him to their rotation, but nothing has happened yet and I doubt anything will. Let's see where our teams stand as the deadline comes upon us quickly.

Walters Take:
One thing is for sure, the Marlins "definitely are NOT sellers" says Marlins President of Baseball Operations, Larry Beinfest. As it stands today, the Marlins sit a reasonable 6.5 games behind Philly for the NL East lead and just 3.5 out of the Wild Card, with just three teams ahead of them. It is clear that this week is very important with two series against teams we're battling for both the division and the Wild Card. Atlanta and Chicago come to town and should the Marlins win both series they will be more than in the thick of the race and desperately needing a little more offense to bolster a lineup featuring the NL's batting average leader in Hanley Ramirez and provide a little more support to one of the Major's best pitchers, Josh Johnson.

Ultimately, after hearing some of the Marlin's front office speak, I believe we will be staying put and trying to finish this season successfully with the team we have. We certainly have players on the roster that could be traded, and perhaps should be. Dan Uggla has struggled mightily this season. Even though his power numbers are still relatively good, he is impossible to count on with the bat and even less reliable in the field. There is little chance the Marlins pay him what arbitration will dictate after the season so it's very possible this is the last year he plays in our infield. But Beinfest and GM Mike Hill have made it very clear they are not willing to give up much of the future and are very, very high on our prospects that are expected to have a big impact in the next two years.

However, I would not be surprised to see a move being made to either bolster the bullpen, still lacking a true closer, or strengthen the lineup. Let's say the Marlins go on a tear the next 6 games and position themselves nicely for a run at the end, something would have to be done to fend off Colorado, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago and the others fighting for their lives just like the Fish. Notice I didn't include the Mets on that list.....

this is it,

Small's Take:

Now that we have all read through Walters wishful thinking section of the blog today, we will take a look at those Mets that he has so confidently counted out. Jose Reyes has been seen working out and he is set to run the bases this week, and he may be the first injured Met star to come back to the roster this year. With that said the mets currently sit 7.5 games out of the wildcard with a big 4 game series against Colorado, the team currently holding down the wildcard, at citi field with one last chance to get back into the race before it officially becomes "too late." At the very least we can say this past weekend series against Houston was encouraging, and maybe the bats can wake up for these guys.

One thing we must ask is should the Mets be buyers or sellers since they currently sit below .500 with just 2 months left to play in the season. That question is simple, the Mets need to be buyers, there is no one on the Mets roster that has any REAL trade value and to sacrifice a role player for an offer that clearly wouldnt benefit the Mets in the long run wouldnt make sense. One thing is for sure, the farm system isnt exactly exploding with superstars, they need to make some changes and if that requires trading the likes of Fernando Martinez, I say go for it. Reports came out last week that Toronto offered the Mets a trade for Roy Halladay which would have sent Bobby Parnell, Fernando Martinez, and Jonathan Neise to the Jays. The Mets have tried many times to make something out of Neise, and he hasnt lasted on the roster, losing out in the preseason to guys like Livan Hernandez and the oh-so-talented Tim Redding. MAKE THE MOVE OMAR, if you want to build for the future bring in the type of pitching staff that allows the Mets to shut down other teams, especially if guys like Delgado, Beltran, and Reyes want to make themselves cozy on the DL.

It is looking less and less likely that a move will actually be made but if the Mets are committed to winning now like they say, then a move for an established pitcher or maybe even a first baseman of the future wouldnt be a bad idea, the asking price isnt really all that much, as I was over Fernando Martinez the second he hit that pop up against the Nationals to the catcher and didnt run it out, when catcher Will Nieves dropped the ball Martinez was still standing right next to him, and easily got thrown out at first, NOT the effort of the future we are looking for.

Consider that,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Should Michael Vick be given a second chance?

Michael Vick has recently finished serving his sentence for financing a dog fighting ring, and although his actions have been looked down on by many, he has paid his debt to society and now has the ability to apply for reinstatement to the NFL for the chance to resume his once prominent football career. The major question surrounding this is, Should a team give him a shot to prove his worth?

Smalls Take:

Lets say NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates him, if I'm a GM in the NFL, I'm taking a look at this guy. Lets rewind the clock 3 years ago, its 2006 and this guy is an elite athlete in the game, 26 years old, on video game covers and the centerpiece of the Atlanta Falcons organization. He comes off a 2000+ yard passing season while rushing for over 1,000 more and combining for 22 Touchdowns. If he had demanded a trade then, like some other star quarterbacks of recent days (Jay Cutler), teams would have been throwing their checkbooks at him to make that deal and lock him up long term (no pun intended). Well since that day Vick hasn't taken any weathering, he may have aged but his biological football clock should still be right around age 27, as he sat out the past two seasons while in a prison cell, working out and keeping himself in shape for the chance at a comeback. Hes 29 now but still in good physical condition, as there wasnt much else for him to do in those jail cells other than watch his back and lift weights, its not like the man was eating luxury foods and getting fat.

Lets face it, whether you like Michael Vick or you hate him, this is the land of opportunities, and many times second opportunities as well, thats what makes America the country it is today. The man has paid his dues and deserves another shot. He still can be the player he once was, electrifying crowds and rallying a team with his speed and ability, and with the coming of age of the wildcat offense, who better to run that show then the most elusive quarterback the game has ever seen, not to mention that he will most certainly be available for a highly discounted rate from what the old Michael Vick would have gone for, as he tries to prove himself once again.

Lets take a look at some of the other starting quarterbacks in the league and see how Vick compares:
San Francisco- Sean Hill/Alex Smith, clearly a lack of ability there and nothing that the old Vick couldnt improve on and then some.
Tampa Bay- Byron Leftwich/Josh Freeman, too early to tell on Freeman but another situation where it would have been laughable not to take a discounted Vick to start here.
Denver Broncos- Kyle Orton, clearly Orton has shown potential but nothing near what Vick has shown in his career, another easy decision in my book.
Oakland- Jamarcus Russell, I know its been rough for Jamarcus to come in and win with this team but you have to figure at some point this season Jeff Garcia is going to be called on to take over, and once again I'd rather hand the ball over to Vick.

Unfortunately for Vick it seems like a back up roll will be where he will be given a chance, and if a starter goes down maybe he can resume his career by shining in the fallen starters place, but if you ask me you are keeping a superstar locked up on the bench when he could be winning you games, sometimes single handedly.

Consider that,

Walters Take:
Honestly, I've had enough of these conversations. Between Brett Favre and Michael Vick and the attention they've gotten this summer, you would think they're still playing in the NFL. THEY'RE NOT! Granted, I understand the summer is slow, especially in the sporting world, but there has GOT TO BE better things to discuss then whether or not Vick/Favre should play again.

However, I feel that Vick does deserve a shot to play again in the NFL. He has served his time that the country and state of Virginia have sentenced him to and he is now a free man. There is no precedent prohibiting Vick from again being an NFL player. Even players such as Ray Lewis and "Pacman" Jones have been given second chances and they were convicted or accused of much more serious crimes. In no means am I condoning what Michael Vick did-I am actually appalled by it-but his crimes were not as serious as killing another human.

There will undoubtedly be another suspension or some sort of discipline from NFL Commish Roger Goodell, but after that I believe he will be given the opportunity to play again on Sundays. The real question is whether or not a team wants to give him the chance, accepting the harsh media and PR backlash that might accompany the signing of Vick. There is no doubt in my mind that he can be successful at the NFL level again, and should be. We shall see who decides to give him his first shot, after the UFL does, of course!

this is it,

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009-10 NHL Offseason Moves

As most of the major names have come off the board on the available UFA list with Alex Tanguay almost certain to sign in Florida (Walter is knocking on wood somewhere right now). We take a look at how our favorite teams, the Rangers and Panthers have done so far and what to expect from them this year. We will also take a look at our surrounding divisional opponents and see where exactly our beloved teams lie right now.

Smalls Take on the Rangers and the Atlantic Division:

It has been quite the off season roster overhaul in New York, with the retiring of Marcus Naslund, and the trade of Scott Gomez to Montreal for Chris Higgins and Change. The Rangers will have many new faces coming into the new season, as guys like Colton Orr, Blaire Betts, Freddy Sjostrom, Paul Mara, Lauri Korpikoski, and Nik Antropov have found new homes to make way for the additions of Donald Brashear, Brian Boyle, Marian Gaborik, Ales Kotalik, Enver Lisin, and Tyler Arnason. The new look Rangers will look to correct their one major flaw from last season, scoring.

The Scott Gomez project in New York is over and the Rangers have finally added a pure goal scorer in Marian Gaborik to take over and try to lead the team to the promised land. One large question that remains is who is going to center this guy, and find him in open ice to put the puck in the net? Much lies on the shoulders of young Brandon Dubinsky as he heads into his 3rd season with the Rangers, and tries to bring back that spark he had with Jaromir Jagr just a couple seasons ago.

The Next few days for the Rangers should also be interesting with the arbitration hearing for Nik Zherdev taking place. If his salaray is deemed low enough by the Rangers where it is worth keeping him, they should have some dynamic goal scorers in the line up to help out Lundqvist by giving him the support he so desperately deserved last season with the likes of Gaborik, Higgins, Drury, Callahan, Kotalik, Avery, and Zherdev all capable of putting up 20+ goal seasons. Dubinsky will be the offensive key to all of this as will the new guys coming up in Artem Anisimov and Evgeny Grachev, who is fresh off a 40 goal 40 assist season in Hartford of the AHL and is an electrifying talent that all Ranger fans should be excited about.

Next move is to acquire a veteran defenseman to play on the 3rd pairing with likely a rookie call up (Matt Gilroy, Michael Sauer, or Bobby Sanguinetti). I like Zubov as he has won a Stanley Cup with the Rangers and has the veteran leadership missing from the defensive corps. Another option would be to bring back Derek Morris who is already familiar with the Rangers system and was solid for them on defense last season. Lundqvist will be enough on his own to keep them in games and hopefully get them to the playoffs once again for the 5th straight year.

Personally I like the moves they have made, the offense has been anemic since Jagr left for Russia and an overhaul was necessary to spark this team and get the kind of guys that Tortorella feels can play under his system and give him 100% every night on every shift. No longer can they try to win games 2-1 and 1-0 as not only are these games boring and sickeningly nerve racking, but clearly that system doesnt work, as the Rangers were barely able to sneak into the playoffs last year claiming the 7th spot in the final days of the season. Tortorellas forechecking system shows a lot of promise and they have some hard working guys to get it done, I just hope the PK can be successful without the likes of Betts and Sjostrom, two of the best we as Ranger fans have ever seen go to work a man down. I am still campaigning for the resigning of Betts as his faceoff and PK skills are irreplacable but it is not for me to decide. Brian Boyle, I am looking at you to step in and fill those large shows, and with your 6'7 frame i think its something that you can come close to doing. It is a season where expectations are high and Glen Sathers acquisitions will be under the microscope as Ranger fans will be calling for his head if they do not perform once again. Gaborik staying healthy + a solid defensive unit + Lundqvist could be the formula needed to get the rangers where they want to be. If it doesnt pan out, i sure wouldn't want to be Slats next offseason.

The rest of the division looks interesting, as the Devils have lost much of their offensive fire power other than Parise and Zajac, and need Marty to stay healthy for them to be successful this year. The Islanders are still rebuilding while the flyers should be strong once again, though goal tending figures to be an issue for them (Emery and Boucher im looking at you). Also, I really dont understand signing Pronger to a 7 year deal, as it reminds me of the Hatcher experiment, Throwing a lot of money at a once prmionent player in his latter years to a long multi year deal. Lastly of course is Pittsburgh, the defending Stanley Cup champs (how i hate saying that) who promises to be strong once again led by Crosby, Malkin, and Fleury in goal to keep them going. It should be a fun season and I am thoroughly looking forward to October 2nd when the Rangers and Pens face off in Pittsburgh to kick off their NHL seasons. Could this be our year Ranger fans? If the offense can come together and put up some goals, Lundqvist is the kind of guy you've got to feel confident leading you through the playoffs and the Rangers chances are as good as any to win it all this year. Henrik! Henrik! Henrik!
Consider that,

Walter's Take on the Panthers

You think you've had quite the overhaul....check out what's happened down here in Sunrise. The Panthers came thisclose to making the playoffs in '09 and finally ending their record-setting eight year drought. Finishing tied for 8th with 93 points (the most in quite some time) and losing out to Les Habitants was heartbreaking. In the wake of this, the offseason presented many questions, most pressing was what to do with Jay Bouwmeester? I, for one, will not and can not fault JM the GM for keeping him at the deadline. At the time, the Cats were in fourth place in the conference and looking good to snap the dry spell. Martin didnt want to mess with the chemistry and balance the team had built and there wasn't a deal that made it worth it, so he stuck it out with Jay even knowing he probably wouldn't be resigning come July 1. How were we to know that the JayBo post-deadline would play as abysmal as he finished the season?

On June 1st, many Panthers fans awoke to some wonderful news that Jacques Martin was abandoning the team to coach those darn Canadiens. No longer were we under the rule of an old-time defensive-minded regime that seemed to clash with rising star in the coaching ranks, Pete DeBoer. However, the Draft was coming soon and Bouwmeester was still on the team, leaving the Cats scrambling. Lacking a GM at this critical time was worrysome, but we were given Randy Sexton as the interim GM and had Islanders dynasty builder Bill Torrey conducting the GM search. It seemed things were finally turning around in Pantherland.

If you follow the NHL at all, you should know that Panthers are not the type of team that makes the big free agency signing. Instead, July 1st (the opening of FA) was waited upon in hopes that Sexton could work some magic and get any sort of return for Bouwmeester, who made it clear that he would walk and wouldn't be signing before July 1 no matter where he went, essentially killing any value he may have had on the market. Incredibly, Sexton managed to trade his rights to Calgary before the draft for a third round pick and Jordan Leopold, a solid defenseman. The draft turned out to be pretty successful, even without a GM. We were able to grab an unanimous top-10 defender in Dimitry Kulikov and rounded out the draft with 6 more forwards, something incredibly necessary for our farm system and the future. It was clear that the team wanted to address the offense, and they got some good players that will hopefully do so in the future.

At the start of FA, David Booth signed a six-year extension worth $26 million with Florida, thus solidifying his status as the "face of the franchise." The other major signing was replacing fan favorite Craig Anderson at back up goalie with Scott Clemmensen, who filled in so brilliantly for Martin Brodeur in New Jersey last year. Radek Dvorak was resigned and Ville Koistinen brought in to round out the blue line. Overall, it seemed like any other offseason in Sunrise. Other minor moves were made to fill out the AHL team and it seemed as if the Panthers would be relying on their young guys to fill in the defense spots and counting on big years from Horton and Frolik to bring the scoring up.

However, now there are reports that the team is close to signing LW Alex Tanguay. It's hard to believe, but he is a big-name, big-splash free agent signing that addresses the teams BIGGEST need: a scorer. I dont know that he makes the Panthers a Cup contender, but the goal is the playoffs and they become a lot more realistic with Tanguay on the team. He is the (arguably) best player left on the market and him signing with the Panthers should provide all their fans with hope and proof that the GM and management want to finally win!

There are only two things left to accomplish in the offseason: sign Tanguay and hire a GM committed to the aggressive, puck-moving play that DeBoer utilizes. With Tanguay on the team, October can't come soon enough. Without him, it looks like the schedule ends with the Lightning on April 11. Stay tuned, it's always interesting in Pantherland. And if you ask me, if Tanguay dons the Panthers sweater next year, it better be Randy Sexton watching down from the GM box.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

NL East 2nd Half: What to expect

The All Star game has come and gone, with the AL winning home field advantage once again for the 13th straight season. Now it is time for the players to rejoin their teams, and take the field once again with their sights set on a playoff push. Today we look into an annually exciting race out of the National League East.

Smalls Take:
Here we are with 2 and a half months left in the season and not much has changed atop the NL East standings all season. The red hot Phillies, 10 games over .500 and fresh off the signing of Pedro Martinez to a 1 year, 1 million dollar deal lead the division by 4 games over the 2nd place Florida Marlins. The Phils have relied on their bats to carry them through the season and so far it has paid off, but do they have the pitching depth to continue this run? With a streaky team in a streaky division a little consistency is exactly what will be needed to keep control of the division.

The Marlins, playing much better baseball of late then they were during the earlier stages of the season, seem to finally have their rotation working like they wanted, with Josh Johnson leading the way, that man will most likely be a star in this league one day. The problem remains in the bullpen for the Fish, as they have no true threat coming out in relief to make life easier for them. The bats have been good but inconsistent at best, and can someone please tell me why Emilio Bonifacio is still starting? There is a big series between the Marlins and Phillies to start things off, and this could have a large impact on the state of the division going forward. Can the Marlins bring the phillies (9-1 in their last 10) back down to earth, or will they continue their hot streak and run away from their nearest counterparts? If the Marlins take the series, which they can do if they finally find a way to start hitting Philadelphia pitchers, look for things to get interesting sooner than later, but it will be up to the Florida bull pen to keep them in this race for the long term.

Next we head over to Atlanta where the braves find themselves 6 games out of first and heading into a series with the Mets at home. Recently just before the break the Braves and Mets got together for a rare trade between the two rivals, swapping outfielders Jeff Francouer to the Mets in exchange for Ryan church. Both teams looking for a spark swapped players with nearly the same stats this year to try and get things going. For the braves, they are looking for the offense needed to stay in this race. 3 Games under .500 they are not out of this yet, as i mentioned before this is a very streaky division. They look to drop the Mets further down the ladder while slowly crawling back toward the .500 mark to respectability town. They have traded out aged stars for youth this year and look to make an impact and get back to their winning ways, and the longer they hang around the more dangerous they will become. I wouldnt want to see them close in my rear view mirror coming down the stretch if im the aging Phillies, as their youth may benefit them in the long run. Look to this weeks series with the Mets to give us an idea of where this race could be going and just who is better off right now.

Next we have the Mets, a team that has been plagued by injuries all season long and are just looking to stay afloat until the likes of Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, John Maine, and JJ Putz can return later in the month and early into august so they can make one last ditch effort to get into the fall classic. Its been a rough season for Mets fans basically watching the Brooklyn Cyclones take the field each night but the addition of Jeff Francouer in the outfield gives them some youth and a decent bat to rally around. The first man off the DL was Oliver Perez, the notoriously inconsistent pitcher with lights out potential, (he must have something if they threw $36 million at him this off season to stick around) who had a win in his first outing and looks to finally become the Ollie the Mets thought they were getting this offseason. Pitching has been a major concern for the Mets as they struggle to put up runs for support the only man who seems to be able to handle it is Johan Santana, and even he has shown signs of mortality lately. Look for the Mets to be in the market for a starting pitcher as they make their push in August and September and try to get things rolling. Reyes and Delgado have been seen working out lately and if the Mets can manage to pull off a few wins in the short term, they may have a chance to get back in this thing, but not unless they can really pull a 180 and change the way things are going down at Citi Field. They will also need some help from the Phillies, who will have to do their best Mets impression of 2007 and 2008 to let everyone back into the thick of things. Dropping 3 to Atlanta this week would almost certainly make that mountain impossible to climb for the Cyclon.. I mean Mets and they will have to show up and gain some momentum and give K-Rod the opportunity to get on the field, as he has become more and more of a rare sighting these days.

Also I hear theres a team down in Washington somewhere? Poor Manny Acta, it couldnt have been ALL your fault. In the end I see the Marlins fading, Pitching really is the key for them and its just not on their roster, the braves will hang around but i cant see them coming out on top. I expect a push from the Mets with the return of their players but i dont believe it will be enough for them to overcome the hole they have already dug for themselves. Its looking like another Phillies division victory (as much as it pains me to say that) unless they fall off their winning ways and invite the rest of the division back in to play. Only time will tell and I for one am looking forward to sitting back and watching all of this go down.

Consider That,

Walters Take:
Ahh, the long dog days of Summer are finally starting to get interesting again. Now that the All-Star Game has come and gone, it's time to focus on the stretch run in the divisions and the Wild Card race. BTW, St. Louis has an awesome stadium and an excellent view of downtown in the outfield, I hope the new Marlins ballpark will take some hints from the Cards. It's no surprise to me that NL East is as close and muddled as it is. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out. Let's go team by team for a little more analysis.

The defending World Series Champs got off to a rather slow start this year yet currently stand five games ahead of the Marlins for first place in the division, after Jamie Moyer stifled the Marlins yet again last night. He is the true definition of a Marlins killer. However, it's quite surprising to see the Phils with such a large lead being that they own one of the worst road records in all of the majors. They have come on strong as of late, winning their last 6. They are undoubtedly powered by their offensive stars: Howard, Utley, Werth and lately Rollins seems to be coming back on. Cole Hamels hasn't been the Cole we saw last season and it will be interesting to see what Pedro can do. As the season wears on, you have to think that the Phils lack of excellent starting pitching will catch up with them, it just seems that their bats will give them enough of a cushion to win the division again.

Currently my Marlins sit in second place and have been a team that is hard to put your finger on. After starting a scorching-hot 11-1, they floundered in May only to recover in June and July to stay in contention. The starting rotation was supposed to be the best in the division at the start of the year, but it hasn't worked out that way. Opening Day starter Ricky Nolasco was sent down to the minors after a horrific start to the season but he seems to have found the '08 Nolasco again. Josh Johnson has emerged as a true "ace" in the NL and should be a bright young spot on this team for years to come. I would bet that most Marlins fans want to see JJ throw the first pitch at the new park in 2012, it's up to management to get them signed. The biggest problem preventing the Marlins from winning the division this year has got to be their inconsistency and Jeremy Hermida. How he still has a spot on this roster is baffling. If the Fish can take the next 3 against Philly, or even 2, I think that keeps the Marlins looking to buy another bat or another reliever at the deadline. If the Marlins offense could turn it on more consistently, I think they're a team to keep your eyes on as the calendar turns to September.

Oddly enough, the Braves sit third in the division, just a game behind the Marlins. Derek Lowe, their main offseason addition has struggled in Atlanta and not been the stud that the Braves were looking for. They have a nice collection of bats in their lineup and Jair Jurrjens has been great, a solid find from wherever he may be from. Honestly, though, I can't see Atlanta challenging for either the Wild Card or the East title as the season wears on. The Phillies and Marlins have been the better teams so far this year, and one has to expect the Mets to turn it on at some point.

Oh poor Smalls. What's going on in Queens these days? The opening of a new and beautiful Citi Field has done nothing but harm the Mets. All of the sudden David Wright can't hit a home run, Santana can't get the run support to win his games and that bullpen that was supposedly the new strength with KRod and Putz back there has been faulty. Yes, the team has been ravaged by injuries and that is why I can't count them out of the race just yet. Delgado, Reyes, and Beltran are the biggest sparks in the Mets lineup and they haven't been on the field much this season. The real question is how far out of it will the Mets be, as they continue their freefall down the division standings, when their three stars return. If they have enough ground to make up, the Mets might just be the team to do it. Personally, I think they're gonna fall too far to stay around.

I think there's a fifth team in the division, but they're not worth my time writing about or yours reading about. I have to agree with Smalls however, and say Poor Manny Acta!! There's no way a manager is going to be successful with that lineup and you gotta feel bad for the guy. Apparently he's a great baseball mind, he just was given a AA team to work with. Zimmerman's 30-something game hit streak and the drafting of San Diego State star pitcher Steven Strasburg are the teams only bright spot in this abysmal season as they will be the last team in the majors to reach 30 wins. Strasburg can't come to D.C. soon enough, if he's coming at all.

The NL East winner will probably be the only team that sneaks into October this year as the West has three teams with better records and SF and Colorado are leading the Wild Card race. Unfortunately, it looks as though the Phillies will be that team. If there is a second team from the East in the playoffs, look for it to be the Fish or the Mets as neither the Braves or Nats have the power or pitching to stave off either team.

this is it,

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