Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Should Michael Vick be given a second chance?

Michael Vick has recently finished serving his sentence for financing a dog fighting ring, and although his actions have been looked down on by many, he has paid his debt to society and now has the ability to apply for reinstatement to the NFL for the chance to resume his once prominent football career. The major question surrounding this is, Should a team give him a shot to prove his worth?

Smalls Take:

Lets say NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates him, if I'm a GM in the NFL, I'm taking a look at this guy. Lets rewind the clock 3 years ago, its 2006 and this guy is an elite athlete in the game, 26 years old, on video game covers and the centerpiece of the Atlanta Falcons organization. He comes off a 2000+ yard passing season while rushing for over 1,000 more and combining for 22 Touchdowns. If he had demanded a trade then, like some other star quarterbacks of recent days (Jay Cutler), teams would have been throwing their checkbooks at him to make that deal and lock him up long term (no pun intended). Well since that day Vick hasn't taken any weathering, he may have aged but his biological football clock should still be right around age 27, as he sat out the past two seasons while in a prison cell, working out and keeping himself in shape for the chance at a comeback. Hes 29 now but still in good physical condition, as there wasnt much else for him to do in those jail cells other than watch his back and lift weights, its not like the man was eating luxury foods and getting fat.

Lets face it, whether you like Michael Vick or you hate him, this is the land of opportunities, and many times second opportunities as well, thats what makes America the country it is today. The man has paid his dues and deserves another shot. He still can be the player he once was, electrifying crowds and rallying a team with his speed and ability, and with the coming of age of the wildcat offense, who better to run that show then the most elusive quarterback the game has ever seen, not to mention that he will most certainly be available for a highly discounted rate from what the old Michael Vick would have gone for, as he tries to prove himself once again.

Lets take a look at some of the other starting quarterbacks in the league and see how Vick compares:
San Francisco- Sean Hill/Alex Smith, clearly a lack of ability there and nothing that the old Vick couldnt improve on and then some.
Tampa Bay- Byron Leftwich/Josh Freeman, too early to tell on Freeman but another situation where it would have been laughable not to take a discounted Vick to start here.
Denver Broncos- Kyle Orton, clearly Orton has shown potential but nothing near what Vick has shown in his career, another easy decision in my book.
Oakland- Jamarcus Russell, I know its been rough for Jamarcus to come in and win with this team but you have to figure at some point this season Jeff Garcia is going to be called on to take over, and once again I'd rather hand the ball over to Vick.

Unfortunately for Vick it seems like a back up roll will be where he will be given a chance, and if a starter goes down maybe he can resume his career by shining in the fallen starters place, but if you ask me you are keeping a superstar locked up on the bench when he could be winning you games, sometimes single handedly.

Consider that,

Walters Take:
Honestly, I've had enough of these conversations. Between Brett Favre and Michael Vick and the attention they've gotten this summer, you would think they're still playing in the NFL. THEY'RE NOT! Granted, I understand the summer is slow, especially in the sporting world, but there has GOT TO BE better things to discuss then whether or not Vick/Favre should play again.

However, I feel that Vick does deserve a shot to play again in the NFL. He has served his time that the country and state of Virginia have sentenced him to and he is now a free man. There is no precedent prohibiting Vick from again being an NFL player. Even players such as Ray Lewis and "Pacman" Jones have been given second chances and they were convicted or accused of much more serious crimes. In no means am I condoning what Michael Vick did-I am actually appalled by it-but his crimes were not as serious as killing another human.

There will undoubtedly be another suspension or some sort of discipline from NFL Commish Roger Goodell, but after that I believe he will be given the opportunity to play again on Sundays. The real question is whether or not a team wants to give him the chance, accepting the harsh media and PR backlash that might accompany the signing of Vick. There is no doubt in my mind that he can be successful at the NFL level again, and should be. We shall see who decides to give him his first shot, after the UFL does, of course!

this is it,

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