Monday, July 27, 2009

When A Deadline Isn't A Deadline

The baseball season is finally, for real this time, entering its stretch run. Traditionally, this starts around the end of July with the trade deadline usually coming on the last day of July. This year's deadline is Friday, July 31 and it is rapidly approaching. However, MLB doesn't really prohibit trades from happening after July 31, and the waiver wire has its tricky rules that allow players to be signed and move teams often in the month of August. The teams out of contention tend to be "sellers" trying to get rid of their highly paid prospects to enhance their futures. St. Louis has already made a big splash sending three of their prospects to Oakland for the slugger Matt Holliday, who's only gone 9-for-11 with 4 doubles and 3 RBI in his three games with the Cardinals. Toronto's ace Roy Halladay is apparently on the block and the talk is that the NL's best teams are looking to add him to their rotation, but nothing has happened yet and I doubt anything will. Let's see where our teams stand as the deadline comes upon us quickly.

Walters Take:
One thing is for sure, the Marlins "definitely are NOT sellers" says Marlins President of Baseball Operations, Larry Beinfest. As it stands today, the Marlins sit a reasonable 6.5 games behind Philly for the NL East lead and just 3.5 out of the Wild Card, with just three teams ahead of them. It is clear that this week is very important with two series against teams we're battling for both the division and the Wild Card. Atlanta and Chicago come to town and should the Marlins win both series they will be more than in the thick of the race and desperately needing a little more offense to bolster a lineup featuring the NL's batting average leader in Hanley Ramirez and provide a little more support to one of the Major's best pitchers, Josh Johnson.

Ultimately, after hearing some of the Marlin's front office speak, I believe we will be staying put and trying to finish this season successfully with the team we have. We certainly have players on the roster that could be traded, and perhaps should be. Dan Uggla has struggled mightily this season. Even though his power numbers are still relatively good, he is impossible to count on with the bat and even less reliable in the field. There is little chance the Marlins pay him what arbitration will dictate after the season so it's very possible this is the last year he plays in our infield. But Beinfest and GM Mike Hill have made it very clear they are not willing to give up much of the future and are very, very high on our prospects that are expected to have a big impact in the next two years.

However, I would not be surprised to see a move being made to either bolster the bullpen, still lacking a true closer, or strengthen the lineup. Let's say the Marlins go on a tear the next 6 games and position themselves nicely for a run at the end, something would have to be done to fend off Colorado, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago and the others fighting for their lives just like the Fish. Notice I didn't include the Mets on that list.....

this is it,

Small's Take:

Now that we have all read through Walters wishful thinking section of the blog today, we will take a look at those Mets that he has so confidently counted out. Jose Reyes has been seen working out and he is set to run the bases this week, and he may be the first injured Met star to come back to the roster this year. With that said the mets currently sit 7.5 games out of the wildcard with a big 4 game series against Colorado, the team currently holding down the wildcard, at citi field with one last chance to get back into the race before it officially becomes "too late." At the very least we can say this past weekend series against Houston was encouraging, and maybe the bats can wake up for these guys.

One thing we must ask is should the Mets be buyers or sellers since they currently sit below .500 with just 2 months left to play in the season. That question is simple, the Mets need to be buyers, there is no one on the Mets roster that has any REAL trade value and to sacrifice a role player for an offer that clearly wouldnt benefit the Mets in the long run wouldnt make sense. One thing is for sure, the farm system isnt exactly exploding with superstars, they need to make some changes and if that requires trading the likes of Fernando Martinez, I say go for it. Reports came out last week that Toronto offered the Mets a trade for Roy Halladay which would have sent Bobby Parnell, Fernando Martinez, and Jonathan Neise to the Jays. The Mets have tried many times to make something out of Neise, and he hasnt lasted on the roster, losing out in the preseason to guys like Livan Hernandez and the oh-so-talented Tim Redding. MAKE THE MOVE OMAR, if you want to build for the future bring in the type of pitching staff that allows the Mets to shut down other teams, especially if guys like Delgado, Beltran, and Reyes want to make themselves cozy on the DL.

It is looking less and less likely that a move will actually be made but if the Mets are committed to winning now like they say, then a move for an established pitcher or maybe even a first baseman of the future wouldnt be a bad idea, the asking price isnt really all that much, as I was over Fernando Martinez the second he hit that pop up against the Nationals to the catcher and didnt run it out, when catcher Will Nieves dropped the ball Martinez was still standing right next to him, and easily got thrown out at first, NOT the effort of the future we are looking for.

Consider that,

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