Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome to Two Live Jews

Are you tired of sports debates from hard headed people who think they know everything? Neither are we. Thats why we've set up Two Live Jews! A sports blog pitting a Florida Resident (Walter) against a New Yorker (Smalls). Naturally the two will have completely different opinions on virtually every issue in the sports realm. We will constantly be debating each other, some heated, some less arguementative.. but if we agree on something, you know it must be the truth.

For those of you new to Two Live Jews, Walter is a Floridian, who supports the Panthers, Heat, Dolphins, and Marlins. To the contrary, Smalls is a New York Fan who supports the Rangers, Knicks, Jets, and Mets. Both are championship starved and we pretty much hate the others choice of allegiancy. We will be going head to head on a daily basis to prove once and for all whos the idiot and whos the genius. Not only will we be discussing Florida and New York sports, but we will also venture into any major sports issue going on. If you have anything you would like our opinions on feel free to post a comment, and we will start a debate on your cause, or email us at Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy, the only remaining question is... which one of us are YOU going to side with?

- Smalls and Walter
Two Live Jews

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